NRHA Leadership

D. Gary Longaker

Executive Director

He’s been called commander-in-chief, the drum major, a cheerleader, a grumpy bear (when he doesn’t get his way) and a visionary. The truth is, Gary Longaker is all of those things, but, above all, he is a leader. A leader with a simple, if not daunting, mission of setting high goals for NRHA and then, true to form, exceeding them. Read More

Bill Brewer

Deputy Director

Bill Brewer’s roots and his passions are entirely rural, so it is no accident that he has spent his entire professional life developing, enhancing and supporting the rural lifestyle. Serving in roles ranging from high school agriculture instructor to Deputy Director of Nevada Rural Housing Authority, Bill’s commitment to rural residents has never wavered. Read More

Diane Arvizo

Director of Homeownership Programs

Diane Arvizo is a country girl at heart. Raised on a Southern California dairy farm, Diane not only embodies the work ethic and values of small-town America, she is committed to supporting the rural lifestyle through her work with Nevada Rural Housing Authority. Read More

Jeni Rios

Director of Rental and Housing Programs

Jeni Rios has been helping families get into and stay in homes for more than a decade. As NRHA’s Director of Rental and Housing Programs Jeni utilizes her expertise on local, state, and federal policies and regulations to make sure our system runs smoothly. As a strong proponent of self-sufficiency, Jeni works with our team to make sure that after we’ve worked with families to find the Rental or Housing program that fits them best, we’ve helped set them up for success long term. Read More

Tiffany Hornsby

A detail-oriented problem-solver who loves tackling any challenge that involves numbers, Tiffany Hornsby joined the Nevada Rural Housing Authority in 2015—bringing with her 25 years of diverse experience in accounting and finance. As our team’s Controller, Tiffany works to establish financing opportunities for NRHA’s various development projects and manages annual budgets of over $32mm (including diverse funds, such as public housing assistance, federal grants, construction and private funding sources). When she’s not in our offices working to provide affordable housing opportunities for every rural Nevadan, you can find Tiffany enjoying the great outdoors. Read More



Stacey Sept

Manager of Human Resources & Administration

Before joining NRHA, Stacey worked in Construction Project Management for more than 10 years, engaged in project planning, implementation, coordination, process and document control, software administration, and HR administration. Stacey started with NRHA over a year ago, as the HR & Administrative Assistant, and has recently been promoted to Manager of HR & Administration. Read More

John Alphson

Director of Community Development

John brings over 20 years of experience in the development, investment, and asset management of commercial and industrial real estate. His extensive transactional experience includes over $1 billion in capital markets transactions and $600 million in development and acquisitions. Read More