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home at last programsFor many households, the Home At Last™ programs have offered them the only realistic home financing option. NRHA provides qualified Nevadans with a secure, competitive mortgage along with considerable down payment assistance. NRHA offers several Home At Last™ home financing programs including a Mortgage Tax Credit (MTC) program and programs offering a spectrum of down payment assistance and competitive mortgage rates to suit different households.
NEW! We are pleased to announce there is no longer a 1% loan origination fee for the Down Payment Assistance programs! Contact your certified lender for all program details. 
NEW! We have eliminated the fee for our heroes participating in the Mortgage Tax Credit (MTC) program!  The MTC fee will be waived for all active duty first time homebuyers and National Guard service personnel, and those honorably discharged from the military.  Nevada Rural Housing Authority - Helping to Get Heroes Home!
NEW! We have reduced the Mortgage Tax Credit fee to a flat $995!  And, if you pair the Mortgage Tax Credit with a Home at Last Down Payment Assistance grant, we will snd you a $500 rebate after closing!  This truly is a gift that keeps on giving, every year you pay on your mortgage.  Contact us today to learn more!
The Home At Last™ program is available in rural areas across the state of Nevada.  And, through our partnership with the State of Nevada Housing Division, the Mortgage Tax Credit (MTC) program is available everywhere in Nevada. Please check with your lender to make sure they are approved to offer the programs that you are interested in.

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