Determine Your Eligibility for Rental Assistance

The Richards Crossing Project Based Voucher Wait List will open 6/12/2018 until further notice. Richards Crossing is a permanent supportive housing program for the HOMELESS.  Applications are accepted online.  To qualify all households must be HOMELESS and meet income requirements.  Preference will be given to veterans, residents of NRHA’s jurisdiction and those successfully participating in a transitional or shelter program for the homeless. Income limits are available at

The Housing Choice Voucher Waiting list will close on 6/18/2018 at 4:00pm until further notice.  Applications are accepted online. To qualify all households must meet income requirements. Qualified applicants will be selected via random lottery. Income limits are available at

Apply for Rental Assistance

View instructions on how to apply for Rental Assistance

Eligibility is determined by a household’s gross annual income and is different in each county. Once you have reached the top of the waiting list, you will be sent a letter requesting additional information and requesting that you update information previously sent to our office if necessary. Your eligibility will be determined at that time. After all requested paperwork is submitted to the office, you will be sent a letter inviting you to attend a briefing.

NOTE: Even if you are renting from a Landlord who accepts a voucher, you will NOT have preference over other applicants. We assist applicants based on the date and time the application was received in our office.

Rental Assistance Income Limits

Visit this link to determine the income limit for your county.

Helpful Links & Documents

HUD Fact Sheet
HUD 92006
VAWA Notice

FAQs for Applicants

I am on the waiting list and I just moved, what do I do?
The Housing Authority will only make changes to your application if it is received in writing and is signed by the applicant. You may send the written notification via fax, email or written letter in the mail. It is your responsibility to notify us in writing of any changes that need to be made to your application. Should we receive return mail/ no response on correspondence we send to you, you will be removed from the waiting list with no further communication from NRHA. 

I want to check my status but my login won’t work/ can I check my status on your site?
Once your application goes onto the wait list you cannot modify your application nor can you log-in/check your status on our website. Should you wish to check the status of your application you may call in to our main line or send an email to the operator.

Can you tell me what number I am on the wait list/ how much longer I have on the wait list/ where I am on the wait list?
There are no numbers, no position, and no way of gauging how much time there is left for you to be on the wait list. It is based off of the date & time you applied,  please call in to check the current status.

Can you rush my application?
We do not offer emergency assistance and cannot rush/expedite a client’s application.

Can you transfer my application to another housing authority?
No, applications are non-transferrable. Should you wish to get on another housing authority’s wait list you will need to contact that housing authority to find out their application process & see if their waiting list(s) are open. Please make sure to send us a written request to be removed from our waiting list should you wish to apply with another housing authority.

Do you cover Reno/Vegas?
We cover all counties in Nevada EXCEPT for Washoe County and Clark County. If you want to apply for assistance in Washoe County you will need to contact Reno Housing Authority. If you want to apply for assistance in Clark County you will need to contact Southern Nevada Regional Housing Authority.