Nevada Rural Housing Authority’s Jeni Chavez Appointed by Governor Sandoval to the Nevada Interagency Council on Homelessness

Jeni Chavez, director of rental and housing programs for the Nevada Rural Housing Authority (NRHA), has been appointed by Governor Brian Sandoval to Nevada’s Interagency Council on Homelessness (ICH).

Chavez was recognized by Governor Sandoval and officially commissioned for the role by Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske because of her commitment to helping find long-term and affordable housing for Nevada’s families. The appointment to the ICH began June 15.

The ICH coordinates and focuses the State’s efforts to effectively address the challenge of homelessness in the State of Nevada through interagency cooperation. Council members work to increase awareness of homeless issues among agencies and organizations that provide services to people who are homeless.

Chavez has been helping families find affordable and more permanent housing for more than 13 years, using her expertise on local, state and federal housing programs, and policies and regulations to find rental or housing programs that are the best fit for the families she serves. With the expertise and care provided to each family in finding the best programs available, Chavez sets them up for long-lasting success.

“Jeni is passionate about helping families find affordable housing and ending homelessness in Nevada,” Gary Longaker, NRHA executive director, said. “This appointment by Governor Sandoval is a testament to her dedication to bring homelessness to an end.”

NRHA has helped meet the housing and economic development needs in the state of Nevada since 1973 by providing services such as home financing, rental support, multi-family housing development and needs assessments of Nevada’s rural counties. Nevadans benefits year round from the programs offered through NRHA, which help build and sustain independent rural communities.

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