NRHA Publishes Studies to Inform Decision Makers Tackling Nevada’s Housing Crisis

The Nevada Rural Housing Authority (NRHA) has published comprehensive housing studies that highlight housing challenges and opportunities throughout Nevada, and which promote dialogue between private and public partners who are tackling the state’s housing crisis.

The studies are free and available to anyone. They cover Nevada’s 15 rural counties and the rural portions of Clark and Washoe County. The studies assess factors that contribute to a community’s housing needs, including:

  • Population,
  • Economic conditions,
  • Household size,
  • Income and age factors,
  • Availability of infrastructure and public services,
  • Existing housing conditions, home sales, and area rental values,
  • Projected housing costs, and
  • Projected housing demand for every housing market in the state.

“This data will contribute to the important dialogue between developers, planning agencies, and housing authorities like Nevada Rural Housing Authority,” said Bill Brewer, NRHA’s Deputy Director.

For instance, Brewer pointed out how each housing study breaks its county into smaller sub-housing markets. The study includes the number of housing units in each market, the percentage of homeowners versus renters, the median rent, the median housing value, and a lot more.

NRHA has long been known for its housing studies, the first of which was released in 2005. This year’s newly-published studies are more in-depth than anything NRHA has released before. The data was compiled with the help of Vogt Strategic Insights, a reputable national firm that provides market analyses and market feasibility studies across the real estate spectrum.

“The cost to produce these studies was borne by NRHA and Eaglemark Savings Bank,” Brewer explained. “We believe that by making the studies available to everyone, it will help support the development of workforce and affordable housing throughout rural Nevada,”

The website launch places much of this data at the fingertips of developers and decision makers who want to learn more about rural Nevada’s housing challenges and opportunities.

Anyone who is interested in learning more about their county’s housing data should visit

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