The Generous Donors and Volunteers of Richards Crossing

Carson City, Nev. – Richards Crossing, A Nevada Rural Housing Authority affordable housing development, creates a safe place for the formerly homeless, displaced veterans and extremely low-income through 38 single-family units. Richards Crossing is more than a place to live, it provides a community in which residents can thrive, which is made possible by our generous volunteers and donors.

Richards Crossing’s valued sponsors continue to develop, grow and foster an enrichment of life for all residents. Residents are provided with essential items such as pantry items, personal hygiene products, clothes and access to healthcare, to name a few. Resident’s pets receive excellent care too – partnerships with local nonprofit organizations, such as Feeding Pets of the Homeless, allow all residents access to free food for their pets.

Lone Mountain Veterinary is a collection site for Feeding Pets of the Homeless. The veterinary hospital collects food and other pet supplies that are donated to the residents of Richards Crossing.

“Although the residents are no longer homeless, we understand how many people with this history care more about feeding their pets than themselves” said Margie Quirk, owner of Lone Mountain Veterinary.

Richards Crossing’s “Tree of Life” highlights all proud donors and volunteers who have graciously donated their services to the residents. Each donor receives a tree of life sponsor plaque, to add to the tree.

Brenda Horton, a volunteer of Richards Crossing, provides assistance for residents by shopping for pantry items, toiletries and helps displaced veterans through the “Adopt a Vet Dental Program.” The program provides dental assistance to veterans in-need, through Dr.Hogan at Capitol Dentistry located in Carson City, Nev.

“They have given us a great service, when they need a helping hand, such as the Adopt a Vet Dental Program, we should help them” said Horton. “All of us, at some time in our life, probably needed a helping hand.”

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