Carson City Toyota donates to the residents of Richards Crossing

Carson City, Nev. – In October, Carson City Toyota General Manager Jeff Campagni presented Richards Crossing with a $1,500 donation. Richards Crossing is a Nevada Rural Housing affordable housing property that opened in 2016, providing safe housing for the homeless, displaced veterans and very low-income families. The family-owned dealership has provided multiple donations to Richards Crossing throughout the years, helping residents to thrive through the services and amenities available. 

Sylvester, RC Supervisor, NNCH (Northern Nevada Community Housing); Heather Simola, Real Estate Operations, NRHA; Danielle Erickson, RC Assistant Manager/Resident Services Coordinator, Jeff Campagni, General Manager, Campagni Auto Group

Specifically, the $1,500 donation from Campagni management helps the property deliver support services and essential items such as pantry items, personal hygiene products, clothes and household pantry supplies. Residents have access to computers in the Business Center, a library with books donated by the community and a large community room with a kitchen. In the community room, residents gather during holidays for parties and classes donated by volunteers. Many residents of Richards Crossing live with their service/companion animals that enjoy the onsite dog park and are provided with donated pet food and supplies.

Specific units of Richards Crossing are reserved for chronically homeless veterans and receive rental assistance from the U.S. Veterans Administration. In addition to providing shelter, the facility provides on-site referrals to local service organizations to help tenants maintain housing and move towards self-sufficiency. 

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