Luwana Ferguson

Luwana Ferguson of Gardnerville joined the Board of Commissioners in 2017. Ferguson has been an active member of the Carson Valley community for 8 years, and has a background and passion for volunteering. Specifically, she has been a volunteer with Section 8 housing programs for the past three years.

Luwana brings a valuable perspective to the Board, as a recipient of housing services which she says helped her regain her independence as a single mother. She understands the needs of those we serve and provides that viewpoint to the Board as we make decisions to improve housing opportunities for rural Nevadans.

Ferguson is a mother of three with a fascinating resume. Before moving to northern Nevada in 2009, she lived in Southern California and worked for the Stuntwomen’s Association of Motion Pictures. She also worked for Interviewing Service of America doing product research. Her affinity for communications is a perfect fit for her service on the NRHA Board.

“Finding myself on this Board is right along my path of connecting with people,” she says. “I love to contribute because I received help at one point in my life, and it changed my world.”