Melody Harkreader

In her role on the Board as the Rental Housing Representative, Melody feels she can share her perspective with her fellow board members. “I’m a diamond in the rough amongst a group of diamonds,” she says. “I’m sure I will learn a lot working with them and I hope I have something good to offer back to them.”

In addition to the rental program, Melody is especially passionate about the work NRHA is doing to help rural Nevada’s homeless population. “I walk down to the park and see so many homeless people, and I’ve had many opportunities to help them in different ways over the years. Working with NRHA is one more way.”

Melody has demonstrated her passion for community for most of her career, having previously served as an independent contractor for Reno Housing Authority, managing transitional housing apartments for people leaving the Nevada Mental Health Institute. She has also served as an Occupational Therapy Technician III for the State of Nevada Mental Health Department, a counselor for W.A.R.C., and a Social Services Representative for the Washoe Tribe of Nevada, among other positions.

Melody graduated from the Washoe County Sheriff’s Academy, and has worked in security for McQueen High School and the Sands Hotel/Casino.

Melody has lived in many places around the world, moving to Northern Nevada in 1983 from Misawa Air Force Base in Japan, where she was employed by MWR as the manager of the Circuit Breaker, a recreational facility that provided services for members of the military and their families. Though she has retired, she stays busy volunteering and taking care of her young granddaughter.

“What NRHA offers is wonderful – they have blessed and helped so many families, including mine,” she says.