Mishon Hurst

As Nevada Rural Housing Authority’s Deputy Executive Director, Mishon Hurst plays a vital role in supporting the agency’s day-to-day operations, monitoring performance of all NRHA programs, and fulfilling the mission of the agency. Getting Nevadans home is a goal very near and dear to her heart.

Mishon graduated from the University of Nevada, Reno with a bachelor’s in business administration. In 2007, she took her first steps into the affordable housing sphere, where she worked in Reno Housing Authority’s Housing Choice Voucher Program, assisting very low-income families, the elderly and the disabled with affordable housing solutions. 

In 2015, Mishon was named the Reno Housing Authority deputy executive director. In this role, she managed 750 public housing units and led the provision of rental assistance to thousands in the Reno community through the housing choice voucher program. What sets Mishon apart is her dedication to ensuring impactful and meaningful services at every avenue, and making time to have her boots on the ground throughout rural Nevada ensuring all expectations are met.

Born and raised in northern Nevada, Mishon has always enjoyed rural Nevada’s great outdoors. From hiking trails to relaxing on the beach in Lake Tahoe, bike rides and skiing the slopes in the winter, Mishon’s roots run deep in the Sierra Nevada.

Even more than the great outdoors, Mishon values family time. She and her two children enjoy impromptu dance parties and learning new recipes to share with her family. “But unfortunately for them, I cannot bake to save my life,” she says.