John Alphson

John brings over 20 years of experience in the development, investment, and asset management of commercial and industrial real estate. His extensive transactional experience includes over $1 billion in capital markets transactions and $600 million in development and acquisitions. This includes 3 million square feet of ground-up development, making him a strong lead as Community Development Director, focusing on bringing together valuable governmental, corporate, and community interests to maximize our local and regional affordable and workforce housing objectives.

John began in the real estate industry working as an asset manager for Public Investment Corporation (PIC) from 1985 to 1987. There, he gained experience in development and asset management, CRE acquisitions and dispositions, leasing of commercial properties, construction management and bidding, producing environmental impact reports (EIR), and working with entitlements. John established himself in the commercial real estate market in California by closing the largest single industrial tenant lease ever negotiated in California at the time, a 625,000 square foot distribution facility in Chino, with a leasehold consideration of $30 million.

In 1988 John was promoted to Vice-President, and in 1992 to Executive Vice-President at PIC. John’s responsibilities surrounding CRE acquisitions, asset management, development, entitlements, and EIRs significantly increased. He acquired responsibility raising capital and submitting PSAs for the company. As an Executive VP, John negotiated sales and purchases, financed, managed, and developed several large industrial facilities across Southern California, most with deal or purchase sizes of $15 million or larger. John worked with high profile industrial and commercial clients including Hughes Aircraft and Kaiser Health Plan during this time.

In 1997, John was further promoted to President, COO, and Acquisitions Director of Public Investment Corporation, where he would work until 2005. John was responsible for the management of 250 employees across California and in Chicago, and for the company’s $75 million in annual revenues. He directly managed a group of 5 key individuals whose lead roles were in finance, risk management, principal investments, strategy, and deal sourcing for the company’s Fortune 500 clientele. He was also directly responsible for managing a 4 million square foot real estate portfolio with deal size in excess of $400 million. John’s client profile during this time is a who’s-who of fortune 500 companies and included Wells Fargo, JPMorgan/Chase, Bank of America, Ford Motor Co., General Electric, Johnson & Johnson, Walmart, Home Depot, Proctor & Gamble, and Sysco.

John left PIC in 2005 and formed Norfolk Capital, LLC .  In his role as Managing Director, he was responsible for leadership of the company and negotiated several multi-million dollar purchases, sales, and leases of industrial, commercial, and retail buildings.

John’s extensive experience in real estate management, development, and debt/equity capital raise, make him a valuable asset to the Nevada Rural Housing Authority. John also boasts the formal education of an MBA from the University of Cambridge, as well as a BA in Economics and English from UC Berkeley. His experience, professionalism and tenacity ensures that our clients at NRHA have access to all of the necessary resources throughout the state. John’s work helps our organization meet our goals of increasing local/regional affordable and workforce housing programs for the over 1.3 million people residing in rural Nevada.