Asset Management

We improve rural Nevada communities by providing and overseeing the management of safe and affordable rental housing options in which people want to live, raise families, work and retire. We currently own several multifamily properties in various rural areas throughout the State, and we furnish property management oversight for those complexes which provide affordable rental housing to several hundred families.  We have successfully maintained affordable housing through both new construction and the acquisition and rehabilitation of existing complexes.

It is our goal to preserve rental affordability for all income limits throughout the rural areas of our State. In that endeavor we work to preserve affordable housing through the acquisition of certain types of multifamily affordable housing initiatives. Our primary focus is on properties that presently provide some form of long term rental assistance or rental subsidy for low income households in our rural areas. We continuously seek and research opportunities to acquire existing properties, which offer various types of rental assistance, that may be purchased at a fair price and, if needed, renovate or rehabilitate them to re-infuse those assets into our communities as additional affordable rental properties for those presently residing in rural Nevada via our own multifamily portfolio.

NRHA continuously seeks to cultivate and collaborate with community partners who share our long term multifamily affordable housing vision and goals.