Construction Management

With years of collective experience in building affordable housing, our Community Development department has overseen development projects in various rural locations throughout the State of Nevada and brings to the table qualified Construction Management support for both new developments and major property rehabilitation initiatives. Our team of highly skilled professionals can take a project from its conception to completion, while carefully monitoring the entire process along the way. We have completed construction on all types of properties, including fee-simple townhomes, independent senior living facilities, apartment projects for special needs clients, and the major rehabilitation of existing multi-family properties. We understand the complexities of not only the construction process and dealing with contractors and tradesmen, but we have sound working knowledge of modular, SIPS (Structural Insulated Panel Systems) and stick-built construction practices and techniques.   We know and can find qualified tradesmen to work in the rural areas of our State, and we have qualified experience in dealing with construction and rehabilitation on both vacant and occupied housing projects. The coordination efforts between site construction personnel, a property management team and the buildings occupants can be tricky under the best of circumstances, and we have the experience to deal with these aspects of any affordable housing development initiative.

We have successfully completed a number of new construction and rehabilitation projects in several geographic locations situated in the rural areas of our State. Our experience starts with advertising for bids, awarding construction contracts, the drafting, review, negotiation and execution of development and contracting documents, and extends through any projects construction, completion, warranty and compliance phases. Our knowledge of the entire process serves to maintain solid communication between the design team, the contractor, a project’s funding sources and its ownership structure. We are proud of our track record and our ability to facilitate smooth coordination between ownership’s existing management and the new construction team. Our focus in any affordable housing development is to minimize disruption to our clients and to address those unexpected issues that inevitably arise during the development process. Maintaining our agreed upon project delivery schedule and its approved budget coupled with our attention to detail has served us well in project development.

Whether you’re looking for the management of rehabilitation on a tired multi-family site in need of some new life, the management of a complete new multi-family project, or you are simply seeking advice on avoiding pitfalls in this process, we have the talent and expertise to assist you in these areas… NRHA’s dedication to providing affordable housing to all rural communities is a driving force behind our Construction Management team. We know what works and what doesn’t, so let us help you keep your project on track!

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