Real Estate Acquisition & Rehabilitation

We are a seasoned owner and operator of affordable housing assets, and we are always looking for the opportunity to invest in affordable housing initiatives in the rural areas of Nevada. While at this time NRHA owns a number of multifamily properties, all of which are aimed at providing quality affordable housing for rural Nevadans, it is our goal to preserve rental affordability for all income limits throughout the rural areas of our State. We are currently working to preserve affordable housing through property acquisition initiatives focused on multifamily properties that presently provide rental assistance for low income households in our rural areas.

We continuously seek and research opportunities to acquire existing properties, which offer various types of rental assistance programs, which may be purchased at a fair price and may require some form of renovation or rehabilitation. This allows us to reinvigorate and retain those assets in our communities as additional affordable rental properties to further serve those presently residing in the rural areas of our State. It is important to know that NRHA has access to and coordinates many layers of state, federal and community funding sources, such as LIHTC, HOME and AHP Funds, USDA RD and HUD subsidy, to create and address sustainable long term affordable rental housing opportunities. All of our efforts and resources serve to help us meet our growing needs for affordable housing inventory in our rural communities.