Housing Studies

NRHA Housing Study & Reports

The Nevada Rural Housing Authority published comprehensive housing studies in March 2018 that highlight housing challenges and opportunities throughout Nevada, and which promote dialogue between private and public partners who are tackling the state’s housing crisis. The studies can be found at NRHA Comprehensive Housing Studies.

The studies are free and available to anyone. They cover Nevada’s 15 rural counties and the rural portions of Clark and Washoe County. The studies assess factors that contribute to a community’s housing needs, including:

  • Population
  • Economic conditions
  • Household size
  • Income and age factors
  • Availability of infrastructure and public services
  • Existing housing conditions, home sales, and area rental values
  • Projected housing costs
  • Projected housing demand for every housing market in the state

“This data will contribute to the important dialogue between developers, planning agencies, and housing authorities like Nevada Rural Housing Authority,” said Bill Brewer, NRHA’s Deputy Director.

The Nevada Rural Housing Authority (NRHA) is the owner of the Nevada Rural Housing Study Report, and any unauthorized reproduction, duplication or use of its contents or any combination thereof, without the express approval of the Nevada Rural Housing Authority (NRHA) or Vogt Santer Insights, Ltd. is strictly prohibited.