Our Partners mean the world to us, because we know we get more done together. Learn more about how you can work with us to help today’s economically challenged households meet their present housing needs, and to aid this growing population in their effort to find their way on the path to successful homeownership.

Working with NRHA

For more than 40 years, NRHA has pursued its mission of enhancing the quality of life in rural Nevada by building strategic partnerships meant to help more Nevadans find affordable housing solutions. In order to achieve this goal efficiently and cost-effectively, we work to bring together different sectors of our community. As we work to initiate even more rural economic development, our collaboration efforts and the need for new partners will only grow. Our list of Partners is growing strong, so reach out and join our long list of qualified affordable housing associates.

Townships, Cities and Counties

From its inception, NRHA has modeled the effectiveness of public/private partnerships. We are more than a housing authority—we are a community-building, job-creating, sustainable development organization. We take enormous pride in our ability to deliver practical results for our partners, by both addressing their current housing requirements and helping them plan for their future needs.

NRHA has a long, successful history of working closely and collaboratively with all rural communities across our state. From housing studies and needs assessments to building senior centers and multi-family housing, to providing affordable rental housing alternatives and home ownership solutions, we look forward to working with you to enhance the quality of life thought the rural areas of our great State.


We pride ourselves on making things happen through innovation and strategy. We seek out collaborative investment partners who share our vision, allowing us to do more with less. Our investors are an imperative part of helping more Nevadans find affordable housing alternatives and allowing these individuals and families to remain successful renter households and progressive homeowners for years to come.

Non-Profit and For-Profit Enterprises

We regularly work with non-profit agencies to provide affordable housing, social services, and community development, and to help us achieve our mission of improving the quality of life in rural Nevada. We welcome new opportunities to partner with other non-profit agencies and for-profit organizations that share our same drive to serve the unique needs of Nevada’s rural population.


In our experience, rural communities find the most success with housing and community-development projects when those projects are collaborative efforts. NRHA works to facilitate project development and bring groups together that can solve housing and economic development challenges through innovation, experience, and commitment.

Whether you already have a great project you’d like to implement in rural Nevada, or you are looking for ways to collaborate a specific affordable housing development initiative in a rural area, we want to talk with you.

Section 8 Landlords

We work to maintain thriving working relationships with all of our Section 8 landlords, because we know we couldn’t achieve our mission without them. If you are interested in becoming one of our landlords, please visit GoSection8 to get started, or learn more by visiting the Resources for Landlords section of this website.

Contact us

If you have any interest in partnering with NRHA, please reach out to our Community Development Director Stacey Sept at (775) 887-1086 or

Large file transfers

If you have a file to send to NRHA that exceeds 10MB, click here. You will only need the email address of the person to whom you are sending the email. The general inbox for Community Development is