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Nevada Rural Housing is proud to offer a community of participating lenders and real estate agents who are ready to assist!

Organized by region below, these are some of our partnering loan officers who know the ins and outs of our programs – they’re awaiting your call or message!

Eastern Nevada
Northern Nevada
Southern Nevada

Note: Nevada Rural Housing Homeownership Programs are available in all Nevada counties! For properties located in either Clark or Washoe County, where the populations may exceed 150,000, please enter the property address in our mapping tool to see if it is eligible.

If you’re already working with a lender, review this list to see if they’re approved to offer the program. Or call toll-free 833-GO-HAL-NV if you’d like to provide us a little more information about your homebuying journey so we can help you connect!

NOTE: To use Nevada Rural Housing’s homeownership programs, you must work with an approved lender. Any participating, licensed lender may determine eligibility and qualify borrowers.

You can click here to connect with one of our partnering real estate agents. All have completed specialized training and are ready to help you get home at last! It is not a program requirement to work with a certified real estate professional.

Eastern Nevada
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🤩 Superstar Producer

Loan Officer


Alicia Chaves NMLS #1125055 🤩 Academy Mortgage
Julie Steele NMLS #207483 🤩 Academy Mortgage Corporation
Chamae Swisher NMLS #1895794 American Pacific Mortgage
Jenna Owen NMLS #1106184 🤩 American Pacific Mortgage
Lorena Lissolo NMLS #1107622 CMG Financial
Lacey Hulet NMLS #1702878 Greater Nevada Mortgage
Morgan Lozano NMLS #1445388 Guild Mortgage
Tara Gonzalez NMLS #1591964 Guild Mortgage
John Roussel NMLS #176608 iServe Residential Lending
Ryan Bradshaw NMLS #1739078 New American Funding
Tonya Allen NMLS #2218462 New American Funding
Mat Anderson NMLS #1512701 PacRes Mortgage
Shaun Bittick NMLS #366899 🤩 Summit Funding

Northern Nevada
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Loan Officer


Kim Petrie NMLS# 252961 🤩 Axia Home Loans
Karen Rice NMLS #252921 Axia Home Loans
Nestor Santamaria NMLS #678459 Cardinal Financial Company
Katie Weishuhn NMLS #1124180 Cross Country Mortgage
Denise Beronio NMLS #344406 Cross Country Mortgage
Pam Robinson NMLS #304530 Evergreen Home Loans
Melanie Galvin NMLS #502206 🤩 Fairway Independent Mortgage
Jill Blessing NMLS #413739 Gateway Mortgage
Celia Barrientos NMLS #359496 Gateway Mortgage
Joell Stiner NMLS #836922 Gateway Mortgage
Maria Alcala NMLS #1122971 Greater Nevada Mortgage
Brittany Mayson NMLS# 929694 Greater Nevada Mortgage
Jennifer Morrison NMLS #359423 Greater Nevada Mortgage
Beatriz Pico NMLS #418968 Greater Nevada Mortgage
Kyle Rush NMLS #359230 🤩 Guild Mortgage
Amanda Rea NMLS #398184 Guild Mortgage
Brandy Marshall NMLS #260588 🤩 Guild Mortgage
Shayla Gifford NMLS #315764 Guild Mortgage
Jorge Montoya NMLS #276125 🤩 Guild Mortgage Company
Stephanie Young NMLS #1740861 HomeTown Lenders
John Roussel NMLS #176608 iServe Residential Lending
Carolyn Dyer NMLS #214643 🤩 iServe Residential Lending
Shawn L. Waldron NMLS #1945870 iServe Residential Lending
Sam Britt NMLS #1037487 🤩 iServe Residential Lending LLC
Heather Creveling NMLS #367453 Movement Mortgage
Michelle Piccinini NMLS #227880 New American Funding
Michael Forman NMLS #2025171 New American Funding
Shanee Smith NMLS #2143123 Northpointe Bank
Kim Fleischmann NMLS #330375 Premier Mortgage Resources
Jillian Heuer NMLS #409980 PrimeLending
Shannon Faught NMLS #1641969 PrimeLending
Shaun Bittick NMLS #366899 🤩 Summit Funding
Braden Bittick NMLS #1162649 Summit Funding
Lori Ryley Svendsen NMLS #349080 Summit Funding
Blanca Beas NMLS #1806031 Summit Funding
Rachel Allen NMLS #1729031 Summit Funding

Southern Nevada
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🤩 Superstar Producer

Loan Officer


Chris Fraire NMLS #225138 Axia Home Loans
Heather Battaglia NMLS #224359 Axia Home Loans
Jett Miller NMLS #1706745 Cherry Creek Mortgage
Becca Green NMLS # 314385 Guild Mortgage
Ashley Bauer NMLS #307780 Guild Mortgage
Debbie Secord NMLS #303860 Guild Mortgage
Jenny Cox NMLS #1226731 Guild Mortgage
Carrie Cox NMLS #670274 Loan Depot
Mosi Gatling NMLS #557166 🤩 Loan Depot
Nichole Renteria NMLS #1715474 Loan Depot
Ashley Cameron NMLS #1871744 New American Funding
Norman Utley NMLS #1150450 🤩 Sun American Mortgage 
Lori Utley NMLS #876186 🤩 Sun American Mortgage