Home At Last™ Community Partner

Ready to HALP your community get Home At Last™? We’ll provide you with:

  • Custom printed brochures with holder
  • Digital flyers
  • Social media templates
  • Zoom webinars
  • 1:1 support

Home At Last™ offers down payment assistance, access to affordable credit and mortgage credit certificates that can boost qualifying income, getting rural Nevadans home.

Our awesome local partners like you can help us spread the word about HAL! We’ll provide the materials and tools to help get the word out via the channels that make the most sense to your community. Be sure you’re following us on social media for important updates and announcements!

Facebook: @HomeAtLastNV

Instagram: @Home_At_Last_NV

Twitter: @NVRuralHousing

Youtube: Nevada Rural Housing Authority 

To get started promoting Home At Last™, contact Kevin Hickey, Home At Last™ Business Development Specialist at (775) 600-5951, or kevin@nvrural.org.