HAL Pals Pet Adoption Program

Everyone deserves to find a home! You pick your favorite furry friend and we’ll pick up the adoption fee. Nevada Rural Housing Authority is happy to sponsor the adoption so you can focus on what’s most important — turning your new house into a home.

We get rural Nevadans – and their pets – home!

How It Works

An exclusive benefit for Home At Last™ Down Payment Assistance program participants, new homeowners will receive a certificate to present to their local animal shelter within 60 days of purchasing their home – and Home At Last™ will cover the adoption fees*!

PROGRAM UPDATE: HAL Pals certificates will be provided by your lender with your closing packet.

If your local animal shelter does not accept the certificate, simply pay the adoption fee, save your receipt and submit to our office for reimbursement up to $300. To be eligible for reimbursement, you must have purchased your home through the Home At Last™ Down Payment Assistance program within the past 60 days, adopted a new fur baby from a local Nevada animal shelter located within 100 miles of your new home, and submitted your adoption receipt along with the HAL Pals Certificate to Nevada Rural Housing Authority. Requests for adoption reimbursement must be received by our office within 30 days of adopting your fur baby.  For questions, please call our HAL Pals hotline (aka the Home At Last office) at (775) 283-0173.

Adoption Love Stories

Are you a HAL Pal? Send us your love story with a photo of your furry friend! Here are a few fur baby photos others have shared with us. Grab a tissue, you may tear up from cuteness overload or even laughing at some of the hysterical poses. From snuggle bugs to rabbit chasers, fur babies (and fur-less babies!) are awesome!


Share Your HAL Pals Story!

The Jones family shares how Home At Last™ and HAL Pals turned their house into a home.

*You understand that NRHA does not guarantee or warrant that the pet you adopt, with the HAL Pals certificate, is an appropriate pet for your home or family. You assume total responsibility and risk for any damages the pet may cause to you, your family or third parties. NRHA does not make any implied warranties, representations or endorsements, as to the pet you choose to adopt, said pet will be your sole responsibility. NRHA shall not be liable for any cost or damage arising directly or indirectly from your adoption of the pet. The HAL Pals certificate does not guarantee adoption, as each shelter has specific terms in order to adopt. The HAL Pals certificate covers up to $125 in adoption fees. If adoption fees are less, there is no cash value for the remainder of the limit.