MCC Reissuance Application (Refinancing)

REFINANCING? Does the existing MCC need to be reissued? Yes!

MCC REISSUANCE APPLICATION (for refinances only)

MCCs must be reissued after refinancing in order for the Borrower to continue claiming the annual Federal Tax Credit. The Nevada Rural Housing Authority does not limit the number of times a Borrower may refinance, but the MCC benefit can never increase from the original MCC issued at the time the home is purchased. Please refer to IRS Form 8396 for specific instructions and information.

What documents must be submitted with the MCC Reissuance Application?

Copies of the following documents is required to be submitted to Nevada Rural Housing Authority with the completed MCC Reissuance Application (refer to page 2 of the application):

  • Existing MCC (contact us at if you can’t locate a copy of your existing MCC)
  • Payoff Statement for the previous loan that was just refinanced
  • Final Closing Disclosure for the new loan (obtained from the new lender prior to closing)
  • Final Settlement Statement for the new loan (obtained from the title/escrow company/settlement agent after closing)
  • A check in the amount of $395 payable to Nevada Rural Housing Authority, as fee for processing the MCC Reissuance Application and issuing the new MCC.Note: The $395 fee may be paid by personal check or money order from the Borrower, or the new lender may charge the MCC Reissuance Fee with other closing costs associated with the new loan and the title/escrow company/settlement agent can issue the check to Nevada Rural Housing Authority after closing.

Where do I mail the MCC Reissuance Application?

Nevada Rural Housing Authority
Attn: Home At Last
3695 Desatoya Drive
Carson City, NV 89701

Does the Borrower or the new Lender submit the MCC Reissuance Application to Nevada Rural Housing Authority?

The Borrower or the Lender may submit the MCC Reissuance Application to the Nevada Rural Housing Authority. The Borrower is required to complete and sign the Application.

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