Become a Home At Last™ Lender

Being a HAL lender is pretty much the bee’s knees! Our team loves to shout it from the rooftops, “We’ve got the BEST lenders!” So as soon as you’re “in,” we’ll get our megaphones ready (and we’ll put your name and face on our website after you help your first Home At Last™ borrower!). Follow the steps below, and in no time, you’ll be part of the team.

Step 1) Contact US Bank’s Mortgage Revenue Bond Department at 1-800-562-5165 to get approval as a correspondent.

Step 2) Once approved through US Bank, send us the executed New Lender DPA Participation Agreement, along with a copy of the US Bank approval letter.

Complete the New Lender DPA Participation Agreement
Submit Your Signed Agreement and US Bank Approval Letter Here

Step 3) Complete the Training – Get Started Today!

Once your New Lender Agreement is approved, follow the Home At Last™ DPA Training Process outlined below. If you need to expedite the process, or would like assistance, please contact

Go To the eHousingPlus Programs Training

Go To the eHousingPlus Systems Training

Go to the US Bank Closer/Shipper Training