Become a Home At Last™ Lender

Lenders! Want to begin offering Nevada Rural Housing Authority’s Home At Last™ programs to your borrowers? You’re in the right place!

Step 1:
Email a signed Lender Participation Agreement – DPA and Lender Participation Agreement – MCC to, and include a copy of your U.S. Bank approval letter. Call 1-800-562-5165 if you need to request U.S. Bank approval for the DPA program (not required for the MCC program).

Step 2:
Complete Program Training. Loan originators, processors, underwriters, and anyone who will touch loan files during the origination and closing. eHousing will email you next steps for obtaining user credentials, if required. If you have never used eHousingPlus to reserve loans, go to eHP University to take Technical and Workflow training or to access the eHousingPlus Video Training Library.

Have questions?
Email us at or toll-free at 833-464-2568.