Home At Last™ MCC 4-1-1 for Lenders

NEW! MCC can now be added to an eligible HAL loan or used by itself to help qualify borrowers – no need to use DPA. To add a standalone MCC follow these instructions:


1. Use the “FILTER BY AGENCY” drop down menu to view the rates/offerings specific to Nevada Rural Housing Authority.

2. Use the scroll bar and scroll down to view the “NEVADA RURAL MCC PROGRAM” located at the bottom of the list of program offerings.

3. Select if the MCC is in a Non-Targeted Area (“2019 MCC”) or a Targeted Area (“2019 MCC Targeted”). Please note that Targeted Areas are determined by census tract numbers provided by HUD. Qualified census tracts in this program are:
• Clark County: 0017.18, 0019.01, 0028.10
• Churchill County: 9504.00
• Mineral County: 9708.00
• Washoe County: 0019.02, 0030.00

4. Attach and upload a 1003 loan application by checking the box next to “ATTACH 1003 FILE” and then clicking on “UPLOAD FILE” to choose the file (Excel or pdf files cannot be accepted).

5. Click on the “NEW LOAN” button and be sure to complete any missing information on each tab.

6. When all required fields are complete, click on the “SUBMIT” button to save the loan and generate the MCC number.

Note: The MCC cannot be paired with the Nevada Housing Division’s tax-exempt bond programs for first-time home buyers. The MCC can be paired with the Nevada Housing Division’s Home is Possible for Teachers or Heroes loans.

Post-closing: The MCC Compliance File will be uploaded to eHP Digital Docs just as you currently do for the Home At Last™ Program.

MCC Guidelines – NEW!

MCC Income and Purchase Price Limits

Refinancing a loan with an existing MCC? The MCC will need to be reissued for the borrower(s). Please click on the MCC Reissuance Application below and follow the instructions. Please note, the Nevada Rural Housing Authority will process the reissuance of MCCs, please do not submit MCC refinance applications to eHousingPlus.

MCC Reissuance (Refinance) Application – For Refinances

Submit the MCC Reissuance (Refinance) Application Here


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Use the links below to complete and submit the Lender agreement. Upon acceptance, typically the same day, a Home At Last™ Specialist will contact you to schedule any necessary program training so you can begin offering the MCC program to your homebuyers. We look forward to welcoming you to the Home At Last™ team!

Lender MCC Participation Agreement

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