MCC 4-1-1 for Lenders

Reserve MCCs in eHousing as a standalone or combined with a HAL Down Payment Assistance loan.

Instructions to Reserve an MCC – Standalone (No DPA)

Instructions to Reserve an MCC – With DPA or Unassisted HAL Loan

MCC Program Fees

MCC Income and Purchase Price Limits

MCC Program Guidelines

Note: The MCC cannot be paired with another tax-exempt bond program, such as Nevada Housing Division’s First-Time Buyer program. The MCC can be paired with the Nevada Housing Division’s Home is Possible for Teachers or Heroes loans if the property is located in an eligible rural area – visit to confirm eligibility.

Post-closing: The MCC Compliance File will be uploaded to eHP Digital Docs just as you currently do for the Home At Last™ Program.

REFINANCING? Do you need to have an existing MCC reissued?

All MCC reissuance applications are submitted directly to:
Nevada Rural Housing Authority
Attn: Home At Last
3695 Desatoya Drive
Carson City, NV 89701

MCCs must be reissued after refinancing in order for the Borrower to continue claiming the annual Federal Tax Credit. There is no limit to the number of times a Borrower may refinance, but the MCC benefit can never increase from the original MCC issued at the time the home is purchased.

The MCC Reissuance Application is provided in the link below – please be sure to submit all required documents (listed on the second page) with the application. The Borrower or lender may complete MCC Reissuance Application. There is a $395 MCC administrative fee paid by the Borrower to Nevada Rural Housing Authority at the time the application is submitted to Nevada Rural Housing Authority. For questions or assistance, please contact us at

MCC Refinance – Reissuance Application

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