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CHAP Emergency Rental Assistance – No longer accepting applications as of July 1, 2022

CHAP was for those who have experienced income loss or reduction due to COVID, providing emergency, shorter-term rental assistance. NRHA is no longer accepting applications, but will continue to process applications received on or before June 30, 2022. If you have questions about a CHAP application in process or are a recipient needing information, please call our offices Monday-Thursday, 8 a.m.-4 p.m. at 775-887-1795 and press 0. Or, you can email us at operator@nvrural.org.

Click here to log into Rent Cafe if you have an active application or assistance.

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If you don’t live in one of the counties we serve, please visit:

Clark County Housing Assistance
Washoe County Housing Assistance
Need information about mortgage assistance? Click here.
Need information about utility assistance through NV Energy? Click here.

Additionally, Home Means Nevada, Inc., a state-affiliated nonprofit organization has launched a new tool for struggling Nevada homeowners as part of its ongoing COVID-19 response initiative. The Homeowner Connect is a resource for homeowners experiencing financial hardship related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Renter Connect is another helpful resource for tenants, landlords and mediators.

How It Works

Applicants must demonstrate how COVID-19 impacted the ability of the household to pay rent and utilities. Examples of financial impact include (this list is not all inclusive): reduction in work hours, loss of employment, furlough from employment during stay at home order, or a reduction of income due to reduced business income.

Program funds are specific to the payment of rent, rent late fees and utilities. Payments for services are made directly to a landlord. Assistance may be provided for up to 12 months; 9 months arrears and up to three months prospective (future) rent, contingent upon the availability of funds. Assistance is provided on a first-come, first-served basis via an electronic application submitted at our application portal.

Landlords can submit applications on behalf of a tenant. After initial applications, all further supporting eligibility and verification documents will be obtained directly from the tenant. Landlords not currently registered with NRHA can upload their information in anticipation of a tenant applying for assistance. Landlords can review requirements here.

The payment of rental assistance and utilities includes the following:

  • Upon determination of eligibility, rental assistance may be provided for past due rent and late fees as well as three months of future rent payments. Households may receive assistance for additional months of prospective rent, however that is subject to availability of funding and provided that the total months of assistance to the household do not exceed 12 months (applicants are required to reapply if additional assistance is needed beyond three months future rent).
  • First month’s rent may be paid for individuals required to move or for individuals who are being evicted and must secure new housing
  • Deposits may be paid in circumstances where CHAP funds are used to pay the first month’s rent
  • Weekly and month-to-month housing is also eligible
  • Rental assistance may be provided for multiple months via a single payment
  • Recipients of housing vouchers are eligible; assistance will not be applied to costs that have or will be reimbursed under any other federal subsidy. If an eligible household receives federal subsidy, the renter household may receive assistance for the tenant paid portion (TPP) of rent that is not subsidized.
  • Mortgages and equity loans are not eligible for assistance (visit the Nevada Affordable Housing Assistance Corporation for information about mortgage assistance)
  • Utility assistance may be provided for past due balances. Utilities include electricity, gas, water, sewer and trash removal not included in contract rent, fuel oil, and internet.

What’s next?

When your application is selected from the waiting list, you will receive an email asking you to log into your account and provide documentation to support your application for assistance. Once NRHA has received all of the verification needed to determine your eligibility, you will receive notification via email. If your application is approved, NRHA will pay past due rent directly to your landlord for the qualifying months. Prospective (future) rent may also be paid based on need. IMPORTANT: Please do not create more than one CHAP application as this will only slow the processing of your application.

About CHAP

Funding for CHAP is provided through Title V of the Consolidated Appropriations Act (CAA) passed by Congress, which established a Emergency Rental Assistance Fund to provide funding to state, local and tribal governments to provide financial assistance to households impacted by COVID-19. NRHA was designated by the State of Nevada Housing Division to administer the program to assist impacted renters in rural Nevada; with $14.8M in available funds through September 31,2022.

Who to Contact (if you need help with your application)

Nevada Rural Housing Authority has a dedicated phone line and email for the Cares Housing Assistance Program:

(775) 887-1795


We anticipate a high volume of calls and emails. This phone number will provide similar information to this webpage — it will also allow you to connect one of our team members as they’re available. In the event you can’t speak to someone on the phone, please leave a message. Voicemail will be retrieved daily and messages will be addressed and/or returned within 48 hours (business days). Email will also be monitored daily and responded to within 48 hours (business days).