Landlord Information for CHAP

CHAP funds are specific to the payment of rent, rent late fees and utilities. NRHA is administering funds for this program in the following counties: Carson City, Churchill, Douglas, Elko, Esmeralda, Eureka, Humboldt, Lander, Lincoln, Lyon, Mineral, Nye, Pershing, Storey and White Pine. Please visit the program’s additional administrators for information about the Washoe and Clark County jurisdictions. Payments for services are made directly to a landlord. 

Landlords with tenants who may qualify for CHAP can be entered as a vendor in advance. Landlords who are already entered into our system do not need to resubmit the below documentation. Landlords who are not already in the NRHA system should:

Once we have a landlord’s information on file, they will receive a registration letter to access the online landlord portal.

If you would like to work with your tenant, you can submit an application on behalf of the household.  Please note:

  • A user account for your tenant must be created here; the user account name will be the email associated with the account.
  • The tenant must be provided with the account name and password created at registration in order to stay informed of application status and to complete their next steps (the tenant must be involved in providing eligibility, release and verification documents).
  • Do not use your (the landlord’s) own email address; we recommend you work with your tenant to create a new email account if they do not have one, or obtain a current email address from your tenant.

Even if a landlord does not currently have a tenant needing assistance through this program, they may be entered as a vendor to streamline NRHA’s ability to process payment if and when the tenant need occurs.

IMPORTANT: Although landlords can submit applications on behalf of a tenant, after initial application is received, all further supporting eligibility, release and verification documents will be obtained directly from the tenant.

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