Emergency Assistance Programs

Nevada Rural Housing Authority’s Emergency Assistance Programs provide qualifying applicants emergency assistance for past-due rents, utilities and other unexpected costs.

Currently, NRHA has several programs available that provide residents with one-time emergency assistance.  Please review the information below for information on each program — NRHA’s Emergency Assistance Program applicants must reside in a NRHA jurisdiction, which is all Nevada counties except for Clark and Washoe Counties, unless noted otherwise.

If you’re not sure which program to choose based on your circumstance, please feel free to contact our Emergency Assistance Coordinator: RSmith@nvrural.org or (775) 886-7970.

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Nevada Rural Housing Authority has temporarily suspended the requirements for eviction, disconnection and foreclosure notices for our Emergency Assistance Programs.

NRHA Emergency Assistance Program

Emergency Assistance Application

NRHA/United Way Emergency Assistance Program

NRHA is an grant recipient through the UWNNS Emergency Assistance Fund in response to COVID-19. The funding was  distributed to help increase NRHA’s capacity to provide access to essential services such as emergency rental assistance. This program excludes Clark, Lincoln, Esmeralda and Washoe Counties.

United Way Emergency Assistance Application
United Way Loss of Income Form