Resident Support Services

It is our goal to ensure Nevadans have the resources they need to live healthy, independent lives as homeowners and renters in our great Silver State. That’s why our Resident Service Coordinator works hard to help low-income seniors and the disabled access a variety of services they may need. The Resident Service Coordinator does everything from sorting through a resident’s Medicare and social security information to lining up meal delivery services and in-home health care.

Our Tenant Support Specialist helps residents at Southgate Apartments in Carson City to negotiate the trials and tribulations of daily living. This federally-funded program helps residents maintain their independence.

Sample services we help coordinate include:

  • Transportation to medical appointments
  • Shopping excursions
  • Bill sorting
  • In-home nutrition services
  • House-cleaning
  • Mental health
  • Navigation of federally funded benefit programs

Anna VillaLobos

Resident Service Coordinator

Phone: (775) 887-1747 ext. 132

If you or your organization provides services to seniors or the disabled in Nevada’s rural communities and wishes to partner with NRHA, please contact us.