NRHA currently has one wait list open:

1)   CARES Housing Assistance Program (CHAP) for those who have experienced income loss or reduction due to COVID

The Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8) wait list is now closed as of 2/11/2021 until further notice.

All other Project Based Voucher waiting lists were closed as of 2/22/19 and remain closed until further notice.

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NRHA is also accepting applications at some of our affordable apartment communities throughout the state; people with and without active Housing Choice Vouchers/Section 8 vouchers may apply. Those apartment communities can be reviewed here.

Determining Your Eligibility for Rental Assistance

Eligibility is determined by a household’s gross annual income and is different in each county. Once you have reached the top of the waiting list, you will be sent an email requesting to log in to Rent Café to complete the intake process and upload requested documents. Your eligibility will be determined once your intake process is completed in Rent Café. If you are eligible to receive a voucher you will be sent an email with the date and time of the schedule briefing appointment.

NOTE: Even if you are renting from a landlord who accepts a voucher, you will NOT have preference over other applicants. We assist applicants based on a random lottery selection.

Rental Assistance Income Limits

Income Limits 30% 2020
Income Limits 50% 2020
Link to HUD Income limits

Helpful Links & Documents

PHA Plan Documents
HUD Fact Sheet
HUD 92006
VAWA (Violence Against Women Act) Notice
VAWA (Violence Against Women Act) Form

FAQs for Applicants

I am on the waiting list and my contact details have changed, what do I do?
All changes to your contact details such as mailing address, phone number or email must be changed in Rent Café. It is your responsibility to log into your Rent Café account and make changes to your contact details. If you fail to make changes to your contact details and we are unable to contact you through email your application will be removed for no response.

I want to check my status can I check status through Rent Café?
You can view your status on the waiting list through your Rent Café account. You can also, call our main line or email the operator for this information as well.

Can you tell me what number I am on the wait list/ how much longer I have on the wait list/ where I am on the wait list?
There are no numbers, no position, and no way of gauging how much time there is left for you to be on the wait list. It is based off a random lottery selection.

Can you rush my application?
We do not offer emergency assistance and cannot rush/expedite a client’s application.

Can you transfer my application to another housing authority?
No, applications are non-transferrable. Should you wish to get on another housing authority’s wait list you will need to contact that housing authority to find out their application process & see if their waiting list(s) are open. Please make sure to send us a written request to be removed from our waiting list should you wish to apply with another housing authority.

Do you cover Reno/Vegas?
We cover all counties in Nevada EXCEPT for Washoe County and Clark County. If you want to apply for assistance in Washoe County you will need to contact Reno Housing Authority. If you want to apply for assistance in Clark County you will need to contact Southern Nevada Regional Housing Authority.