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Payment Standards

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Utility Allowances

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Helpful Forms & Documents

30-Day Notice to Vacate
Change Reporting Form
Disability Certification Form
Educational Assistance Verification Form
Employment Verification
Grievance Hearing Request
Grievance Hearing Rights and Responsibilities
Grievance Procedure
How To Complete Online Registration
HUD 92006 / Release of Information Form
Portability Request
Reasonable Accommodation
Reduction in Family Size
Reliacard Flyer
Reliacard Payment Authorization
Request for Tenancy Approval
Tenant Declaration
VAWA (Violence Against Women Act) Notice
VAWA (Violence Against Women Act) Form
Verification of Family Contributions
Zero Income Statement-Household Income and Expense Form

FAQs for Participants

How do I add a family member?

  • Submit a request in writing to add the member to your household along with a letter from your landlord approving that member to be added to the household.
  • Upon receipt of the two letters above, a packet will be mailed for the member being added to complete and return.
  • Notification will be sent by mail either approving or denying the addition to the household.

What happens to my assistance if I need to move?
If you wish to have your assistance transfer with you, you must meet these criteria:

  • Do not owe the Housing Authority money
  • Have fulfilled your lease terms
  • Are not in violation of your Family Obligations

With those obligations met, you may move and: 

  • Transfer apartments under the same landlord, or
  • Move to another home within the Housing Authority jurisdiction, or 
  • Port your voucher to another area that has a Housing Choice Voucher Program


  1. A 30-day written notice must be served to your landlord and a copy of that notice must be provided to NRHA in order for your caseworker to schedule an appointment to be issued a Voucher to move. All 30-day notices must be given on the first day of the month only.
  1. Once this office receives your 30-day notice, you will be contacted for an appointment to be issued a Voucher and your caseworker will inform you which paperwork you need to bring.
  2. Payment standards and bedroom sizes will be given at the time of your appointment.

***NRHA will strictly enforce the subsidy standards when issuing a voucher. We will assign one (1) bedroom for the head of household and cohead if applicable and (1) additional each additional two (2) persons in the home****

Please note: DO NOT sign a lease unless the home is approved by the Housing Authority. It is also recommended that you not give a non-refundable deposit to a potential landlord until the home is approved.

How do I transfer or “port” my paperwork to another Housing Authority?
You may transfer your paperwork to another housing authority if you meet these criteria: 

  • Do not owe the Housing Authority money
  • Have fulfilled your lease terms
  • Are not in violation of your Family Obligations


  1. Give a written 30-day notice to your landlord. 
  2. Provide a copy to this office.
  3. Submit a letter requesting to have your paperwork transferred.
  4. Provide the name of the housing authority along with the address, phone number, fax number and the name of the portability contact person. (If you do not have it we will locate it for you.)
  5. Once we receive the letters you will be contacted for an appointment to be issued a voucher to port.
  6. After the scheduled appointment your file/paperwork will be mailed to the Housing Authority you requested.

Once your paperwork has been sent it is your responsibility to contact the receiving housing authority to set up an appointment with their office.