Home At Last™ Program Fees - DPA and MCC

Fees for DPA – Loan & Assistance Program

The fees associated with using the Home At Last™ loan and assistance program are outlined below. All fees are charged to the borrower and paid at closing, unless otherwise noted. When the lender issues a Loan Estimate to the borrower, it should include the following program fees, along with other lender and settlement charges typically associated with the purchase and/or financing of a home. The down payment assistance provided by Nevada Rural Housing Authority may also be used to cover all or a portion of the closing costs, including program fees.

  • $400 funding fee payable to US Bank
  • $84 tax service fee payable to US Bank
  • $275 compliance/administrator fee payable to eHousingPlus
  • Loan origination fee up to 0.50% of the loan amount payable to the lender
  • Locks are for 70-days, if lock extensions are needed, the cost is $375 for each 30-day lock extension – US Bank will net the extension fees when purchasing the loan from the originating lender
  • Nevada Rural Housing Authority does not charge a program fee for using the Home At Last™ DPA program

Fees for MCC – Mortgage Credit Certificate Program

  • $275 compliance/admin fee payable to eHousingPlus
    • Save $125 when the MCC is paired with the DPA program – the combined compliance/admin fee for DPA+MCC is $425 ($150 for MCC + $275 for DPA)
  • $795 program fee payable to Nevada Rural Housing Authority
    • Fee is waived for all Qualified Veterans, Active Duty Military, Reserves, and National Guard Service personnel – it’s just one small way to thank our local heroes!
    • Fee is also waived for all homebuyers obtaining a USDA Guaranteed or VA loan – making rural homeownership even more affordable! 

Fees for MCC Reissuance – When Refinancing the Mortgage

  • $395 reissuance fee payable to Nevada Rural Housing Authority