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When a borrower asks your loan officers if they know anything about that "rural program," what will the answer be? We can work together to make sure your company name is on this list, and your team is ready to serve all rural Nevada homebuyers!

How To Become An Approved Lender

First, if you're a branch manager, loan officer or support staff looking for lender program training, please visit If you're looking for today's rates on our homeownership programs please visit our rates page.

Otherwise, there are a few steps that need to be completed to get your institution fully onboard with all of the programs NRH has to offer. If you have any questions about or during the process, please use the Contact Us button below, or send an email to 

Step 1: Sign all lender origination agreements
There are three master lender origination agreements (below), one for each program, that must be signed in order to offer that program. These agreements should only be signed by those representatives authorized to sign legally binding participation/origination agreements on behalf of the lending institution. 

Step 2: Email your US Bank Correspondent Lender Approval Letter
Please email your US Bank Correspondent Lender Approval Letter to If you have not already received approval from US Bank, please call (800) 562-5165 to get approval as a correspondent lender. 

Step 3: Program Training
Once Step 1 and Step 2 are complete, the next step is to Complete Program Training. Loan originators, processors, underwriters, and anyone who will touch loan files during the origination and closing need to complete this training. eHousing will email you next steps for obtaining user credentials, if required. If you have never used eHousingPlus to reserve loans, go to eHP University to take Technical and Workflow Training or to access the eHousingPlus Video Training Library.

Master Lender Origination Agreements for Signature

Home At Last™ TBA Program Master Lender Origination Agreement

Coming Soon! Please send an email to for the TBA lender origination agreement. 

Launchpad Single Family Bond Loan Program Master Lender Origination Agreement
Home At Last™ Mortgage Credit Certificate Program Master Lender Origination Agreement

Coming Soon! Please send an email to for the MCC lender origination agreement. 


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