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HAL U is for homebuyers, lender partners, real estate professionals – YOU!

Whether you’re buying a home or helping a client fulfill their dreams of homeownership, education and training are keys to your success. Home At Last™ University, or “HAL U” as the cool kids say, is the one-stop-shop for all things training related to our homeownership programs. If you’re buying a home, our Homebuyer 101 course is for you – not only is it a requirement to receive down payment assistance, but it provides a whole bunch of valuable information you’ll need to know as you go through the steps of buying a home (everything from credit to applying for a loan to shopping and closing). If you’re a lender partner, HAL U is the place for you to receive the required programs training – soon you’ll be on your way to helping homebuyers get Home At Last™. If you’re a realtor partner, we have tailored training for you to ensure you know the ins and outs of our homeownership programs, whether you’re new to Home At Last™ or just need a little refresher, HAL U is your jam.

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If you’re a new lender partner looking to register to become a Home At Last™ approved lender, go here.