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Buying a home doesn’t have to be complicated and intimidating! It’s our goal to make the process clear and straightforward by providing Nevadans with the tools they need to successfully purchase a home and remain proud homeowners for years to come – simply follow the road map below to begin your path to successful, responsible homeownership! If you are participating in one of our Home At Last™ programs, attending a homebuyer education workshop or completing the free online course is a requirement.

Road Map to Homeownership

Step 1 – Complete Your Homebuyer Education

Online Homebuyer Education Course

Ready to learn more about the process of buying a home? The Home At Last™ 10 Steps to Buying a Home course discusses every step – from credit scores and budgeting to financing the purchase of your new home. Get started now by clicking a link below – we offer all of our courses in English and Spanish.

Click to Take the Homebuyer Education Course Online (English)

Click to Take the Homebuyer Education Course Online (Spanish)

Upcoming Home At Last™ Homebuyer 101 Courses

(All are FREE unless otherwise noted)

Carson City Homebuyer 101 | Nevada Rural Housing Authority’s Home At Last Office, 3695 Desatoya Dr., Ste. 102, Carson City, NV | March 13th | 5:30pm – 6:30pm

¡Seminario informativo para compradores de casa, Gratis! | Key Realty School | 3320 E. Flamingo Rd. Ste. 31, Las Vegas, NV | Lunes, 18 de Marzo | 5:30pm – 6:45pm

Carson City Homebuyer 101 | Clayton Homes of Carson City | 10020 Hwy 50E, Carson City, NV 89706 | March 23rd | 10:00am – 11:00am

HUD-Certified Courses Are Preferred

Attending a HUD-certified class or completing an online HUD-certified course is an excellent way to prepare for successful homeownership. The courses are more comprehensive, so plan on devoting most of an entire day to take the class or complete the course – but you’ll be well on your way to becoming a successful homeowner!

Additional Home At Last™ approved providers are listed below (not all providers offer HUD-certified courses):

Step 2 – Prequalify for Home At Last™ with an Approved Lender

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Step 3 – Select a Real Estate Agent

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Step 4 – Shop For Your New Home

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Step 5 – Share Your Home At Last™ Success Story

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Click to Take the “After the Close” Homeowner Education Course Online

Complete “After the Close” Course Online

This course provides new homeowners with the information and resources they need to help keep their home and finances in great condition and includes everything from budgeting information to maintenance tips. If you’ve closed on your home using one of the Home At Last™ programs, and you complete this course within 60 days after purchasing your home, you will receive a gift card as our way of saying thanks for taking this important step to becoming a responsible homeowner.