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Yes! The Home At Last™ program is fully operational (it’s never been suspended!). Please email HAL@NVRural.org with any questions.


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Loan rates shown are effective December 4, 2020. Assistance is a percentage of the loan amount.

FHA, VA, USDA 30-Year Fixed Rate Loans
Income Limit:

Assistance  Option
Loan Rates Loan Types
0% 2.250% FHA, VA, USDA

FHA, VA, USDA: Purchase OR Refinance:
640 FICO, 45% or below DTI

680 FICO, 45% or below DTI on Manufactured Homes

FHA Purchase Also Permits:
680 FICO, 45.01 to 50% DTI

2% 2.625% FHA, VA, USDA
3% 3.000% FHA, VA, USDA
4% 4.000% FHA, VA, USDA
5% 4.500% FHA, VA, USDA

CONVENTIONAL 30-Year Fixed Rate Loans
AMI is the Area Median Income established by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.
Income Limit for Borrowers over 80% AMI: $135,000
Income Limit for Borrowers at or below 80% AMI: Refer to County Limits (chart is posted below)

 Assistance Option Freddie Mac
Loan Rates
80% AMI
Fannie Mae Loan Rates
≤80% AMI
Fannie Mae Loan Rates Over 80% AMI
0% 2.625% 2.625% 3.375%

Purchase OR Refinance:
640 FICO, 45% or below DTI

680 FICO, 45.01 to 50% DTI

640 FICO, 45% or below DTI on Manufactured Homes

1% 2.875% 2.875% 3.500%
2% 3.250% 3.250% 4.500%
3% 3.500% 3.500% 4.875%
4% 5.125% 5.125% 5.125%
5% 5.375% 5.500% N/A

*Freddie Mac HFA Advantage does not allow Manufactured Home loans.

Please Note:
Manual underwrites are not permitted on FHA loans or Manufactured Homes loans.
FHA loans with a FICO below 660 will require at least one (1) month of reserves and six (6) months borrower employment history on current job.
No FHA streamline refinances are permitted.

Program Updates

View the MCC Income and Purchase Price Limits

Home At Last participating lenders are responsible to follow all program guidelines and reserve loans at the rates published at eHousingPlus.
Not all applicants will qualify. Home At Last, a program of the Nevada Rural Housing Authority does not originate mortgage loans. Eligibility for the program is determined by licensed lenders approved to offer the Home At Last program. Rates shown are for illustrative purposes only. This is not an offer to lend money or solicit a mortgage application.